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This year, a few brave members of the student body decided that they wanted to spend their Tuesday and Thursday afternoons attending the new Speech Club. It was a great opportunity to learn to speak better in front of others and practice their English.

Luckily, their teacher was Jackie from 4th grade. She shared her love of American English and candy. She helped us give impromptu speeches and learn the importance of presence when speaking in front of people.

Adrián pretended that he was a banana and spoke as if the banana had feelings. Javier is excellent at improvisation and can make up a short speech to sell you anything on the spot.

The students recited various projects that they prepared in class to later show to other grades. They dressed up and explained the history of Thanksgiving to 2nd grade. They recited scary stories during Halloween to the the 4th grade students. At Christmas, they prepared a debate about if natural or artificial Christmas trees were a better choice during the holidays.

At the beginning of the year, Traci took over the speech club and we began by memorising famous poems. Fernando has an amazing memory and learned to recite the poem «Captain, My Captain» by Walt Whitman. We all know the chant «The Hanging Tree» from the Hunger Games because Javi couldn’t stop singing it for weeks. We also tried to memorise famous speeches by JF Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and the famous speech by Martin Luther King «I have a dream».

We love to make up round rally stories and use our imagination. We have had to write and invent stories by just seeing a photo. Sometimes we even play games in English. We have also debated on things that we love about our school, our teachers and things we would like to change here at school.

Lately, we have spoken about our favourite TV programs and YouTubers. Nerea is passionate about talking about her favourite music groups and tv series.

The best thing about our small group is that we laugh a lot and get to know each other better. Our English is getting better and its cool to be with students from other grades.

We love to have new members. Anyone from 4th grade to 2nd of ESO is welcome.

Fernando Gonzalez 6º Primaria

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