Mystery Skype

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Last Wednesday 2nd october we did in the English class our first Mystery Skype of the year.

This activity goes Iike this: Laura, our English teacher contacts a school of another country and the teacher of the other school and Laura agree on one date for a video conference.

That day we make a Skype call to the school and we try to guess where they are located.

First, it is the turn of one school to guess and when they find out where is our school, it is the turn of the others.

There are eight types of «roles» in the Mystery Skype, all of us have different tasks: questioners, answerers, google mappers, greeters, reporters, community managers, typists and supervisors. The most important people in this missions are the questioners and the answerers. The questioners ask yes/no questions to the other school and the answerers answer the questions that the other school ask about us. The greeters are also important. They give the welcome to start the game and when we finish the say thank you and goodbye.

I love this game. It’s a very good way to learn English, which is the principal objective of this game. I think that this game it’s very original and it’s a good way to motivate us to learn and live the English language.

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